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2011年学位英语三级考试辅导阅读Exercise It is, everyone agrees, a huge task that the child performs when he learn to speak, and the fact that he does so in so short a period of tim

  It is, everyone agrees, a huge task that the child performs when he learn to speak, and the fact that he does so in so short a period of time challenges explanation.
  Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes, one wonders, reflect basic qualities of inconstancy and instability?
  It was probably not until the 1880's that man, with the help of more advanced steam locomotive, managed to reach a speed of one hundred mph (英里)
  要点:“everyone agrees”为插入语。“and”连结两个并列句,前一句为“it is … that”强调句型;后一分句“the fact”后为同位语从句“that he does so in so short a period of time”,因此,后一分句的主要部分为the fact challenges(需要)explanation
  要点:“one wonders”为插入语,本句主干结构为“Do the fashions reflect qualities?”,“fashions” 有两个定语“constantly changing”和“of women's clothes”。“qualities”也有两个定语“basic”和“of inconstancy and instability”。
  要点:此句为强调句型“It was …that…”; that 从句中主语man和谓语managed 之间插入介词短语“with the help of …”作状语。
  Americans admire the self-made person—the one who, with neither money nor family influence, fights his or her way to the top.
  Silly or wise, terrible or delightful, it is a further helping of experience, an additional joy after dark, another slice of life cut differently for which, it seems to me, we are never sufficiently grateful.
  Quite a different problem, but one that is causing growing concern, is that computers may violate people's privacy.
  要点:破折号后的“the one”是前面person的同位语,“the one”后面又有一个由who引导的定语从句,其中主语和谓语之间有一个插入语:with neither money nor family influence.
  要点:Silly or wise, terrible or delightful为平行结构,在句中作让步状语。另外句子的表语也是平行结构“a further helping of experience, an additional joy after dark”“it seems to me”为插入语,插入到for which引导的定语从句中。
  要点:句中“but one that is causing growing concern”,在句中作插入语。在意义上是对“Quite a different problem”的补充说明。One代替上文提到的“problem”
  Our forefather had no idea that human population would increase faster than the supplies of raw materials; most of them, even until very recently, had the foolish idea that the treasures were “limitless” and “inexhaustible”
  But one thing is certain: information and knowledge will become even more vital, and the people who possess it, whether they work in manufacturing or services, will have the advantage and produce the wealth.
  They appear to do everything in a rush, with an eye on the clock, as if they had a short time to live.
  要点:分号前后为两个并列句。在第二个分句中,even until very recently 时间状语插入在主语 most of them和谓语had之间。Them指代前一句的forefathers.
  要点:并列句and 之后的主语 the people和谓语will have之间插入whether引导的状语从句。
  要点:介词短语“with an eye on the clock”为插入语,在句子中做状语。“as if”引出方式状语从句,谓语动词是虚拟语气。
  Ideally then, a school system should be one in which the love of learning, rather than the acquisition of facts , is cultivated.
  Still, he could not help thinking that if anything should happen, the nearest person he could contact by radio, unless there was a ship nearby , would be on an island 885 miles away.
  Yet this other life has its interests, its enjoyments, its satisfaction, and , at certain rare intervals, a peaceful glow or a sudden excitement.
  要点:one 后面有一个in which 引导得定语从句,其中rather than the acquisition of facts是插入语,可以看成是主语the love of learning的并列成分
  要点:虚拟条件句“if anything ……885 miles away.”是thinking的宾语从句,作thinking的宾语。在这个虚拟条件句的主句中,主语和谓语之间插入了一个条件状语从句“unless there was a ship nearby”,使得主谓分离。
  要点:句中 interests, enjoyments, satisfaction, glow和excitement共五哥并列成分,皆作宾语。 At certain rare intervals为插入语,意为“间或,偶尔”。