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Part I Reading Comprehension (30%) Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished stat

  Part I Reading Comprehension (30%)

  Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  Passage 1

  Many a young person tells me he wants to be a writer.(76)I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there's a big difference between "being a writer' and writing. In most cases these individuals are dreaming of wealth and fame, not the long hour alone at a typewriter. "You've got to want to write," I say to them, "not want to be a writer".

  The reality is that writing is a lonely, private and poor-paying affair. For every writer kissed by fortune there are thousands more whose longing is never rewarded. When I left a 20-year career in the U.S. Coast Guard to become a freelance(自由栏目)writer, I had no prospects at all. What I did have was a friend who found me my room in a New York apartment building. It didn't even matter that it was cold and had no bathroom. I immediately bought a used manual typewriter and felt like a genuine writer.

  After a year or so, however, I still hadn't gotten a break and began to doubt myself. It was so hard to sell a story that I barely made enough to eat. But I knew I wanted to write, I had dreamed about it for years. I wasn't going to be one of those people who die wondering: What if ? (77 )I would keep putting my dream to the test even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there.

  1. The passage is meant to ______.
  A. warn young people of the hardships that a successful writer has to experience
  B. advise young people to give up their idea of becoming a professional writer
  C. show young people it's unrealistic for a writer to pursue wealth and fame
  D. encourage young people to pursue a writing career

  2. What can be concluded from the passage?
  A. Genuine writers often find their work interesting and rewarding.
  B. A writer's success depends on luck rather than on efforts.
  C. Famous writers usually live in poverty and isolation.
  D. The chances for writer to become successful are small

  3. Why did the author begin to doubt himself after the first year of his writing career?
  A. He wasn't able to produce a single book.
  B. He hadn't seen aching for the better.
  C. He wasn't able to have a rest for a whole year.
  D. He though that he lacked imagination.

  4. "…people who die wondering: What if ?"(Lin4-5, Para-3) refers to "those _____".
  A. who think too much of the dark side of life
  B. who regret giving up their career halfway
  C. who think a lot without making a decision
  D. who are full of imagination even upon death

  5. "Shadowland" in the last sentence refers to _____.
  A. the wonderland on often dreams about
  B. the bright future that one is looking forward to
  C. the state of uncertainty before one's final goal is reached
  D. a world that exists only in one's imagination

  Passage 2

  uestions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

  Man is a land animal, but he is also closely tied to the sea. Throughout history the sea has served the needs of man. The sea has provided man with food and a convenient way to travel to many parts of the world. Toady, experts believe that nearly two-thirds of the world's population live within eighty kilometers of the seacoast.

  (78)In the modern technological world the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive. Resources on land are beginning to grow less. The sea, however, still offers hope to supply many of man's needs in the future.

  The riches of the sea yet to be developed by man's technology are impressive. Oil and gas explorations have existed for nearly thirty years. Valuable amounts of minerals such as iron, copper and so on exist on the ocean floor.

  Besides oil and gas, the sea may offer new sources of energy. For example, warm temperature of the ocean can be used as the steam in a steamship. Sea may also offer a source of energy as electricity for mankind.

  Technology is enabling man to explore even deeper under the sea. It is obvious that the technology to harvest the sea continues to improve. (79)By the 2050, experts believe that the problems to explore the food, minerals and energy resources of the sea will have been largel7y solved.

  6. What is the beat title for the passage?
  A. Needs of Man.
  B. Sea Harvest and Food
  C. Sea and Sources of Energy
  D. Sea Exploring Technology.

  7. It can be inferred from the passage that ______.
  A. man hasn't completely made use of the riches of the sea
  B. technology for exploring the sea has been solved
  C. harvesting rice in the sea will be made possible
  D. in the near future man can live on the ocean floor

  8. Why does the author mention a steamship?
  A. To illustrate that man can make use of sources of energy from the sea.
  B. To show that a steamship is better than other kinds of ships.
  C. To argue that man should use steamships.
  D. To indicate that it is warmer in the ocean than on land.

  9. According to the author, technology is important because ______.
  A. resources on land are running short in ten years
  B. man can use it to explore the deeper sea
  C. it is a lot of fun diving into the sea
  D. ancient people used it to explore the sea

  10. According to the author, when will the problems to explore the deeper sea largely be solved?
  A. In the next generation.
  B. By the end of the 20th century.
  C. In the near future.
  D. By the middle of the 21st century.

  Passage 3

  estions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:

  Today, cigarette smoking is a common habit. About forty-three percent of the adult men and thirty-one percent of the adult women in the United States smoke cigarettes regularly. It is encouraging to see that millions of people have given up smoking.

  It is a fact that men as a group smoke more than women. Among both men and women the age group with the highest proportion of smokers is 24-44.

  Income, education, and occupation all play a part in determining a person's smoking habit. City people smoke more than people living on farms. Well-educated men with high incomes are less likely to smoke cigarettes than men with fewer years of schooling and lower incomes. On the other hand, if a well-educated man with a higher income smoked at all, he is likely to smoke more packs of cigarettes per day.

  The situation is somewhat different for women.(80)There are slightly more smokers among women with higher family income and higher education than among the lower income and lower educational groups. These more highly educated women tend to smoke more heavily.

  Among teenagers the picture is similar. There are fewer teenaged smokers from upper-income, well-educated families, and fewer from families living in farm areas. Children are most likely to start smoking if one or both of their parents smoke.

  11. What do we know from the first paragraph ?
  A. More and more people take up the habit of smoking.
  B. There are more smoking women than smoking men in USA.
  C. It is good news that more people have given up smoking.
  D. The U.S. has more smoking people than any other country.

  12.What factors determine a person's smoking habits ?
  A. Age, income and education.
  B. Age, sex and income.
  C. Occupation, income and sex.
  D. Occupation, income and education.

  13.Which of the following is true according to the passage ?
  A. City people are less likely to smoke.
  B. People in rural areas are more likely to smoke.
  C. Men with higher income tend to smoke.
  D. Well-educated men with high incomes are generally less likely to smoke.

  14.What is the smoking situation for women ?
  A. The situation is quite the same for women as for men .
  B. Better-educated women are likely to smoke heavily.
  C. There are more women smokers with low incomes.
  D. Women with higher incomes and higher education do not tend to smoke.

  15.What can we say about teenaged smokers ?
  A. The picture about the teenage smokers is similar to that of women smokers.
  B. The situation among teenagers is quite the same with men.
  C. High school students are more likely to smoke than college students.
  D. Farmers' children tend to smoke more.

 Part Ⅱ Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

  Directions: In this part, there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D . Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  16. If you go to the movie tonight, so ______ I .

  A. will B. do C. am D. can

  17. You don't know about the difficulty I had ______ the work then at all.

  A. done B. to do C. for doing D. in doing

  18. ______ is well-known, the environment in China is badly in need of improvement.

  A. It B. That C. As D. What

  19. Charles Babbage is generally considered ______ the first computers.

  A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented D. having invented

  20. With oil prices keeping ______, people are hesitating whether to buy a car or not.

  A. rising B. arising C. raising D. arousing

  21. I walked out of the cinema, ______ to return to see the wonderful film the next Sunday.

  A. determine B. being determined C. determined D. to be determined

  22. We were very disappointed at the ______ to our advertisement, and our products didn't sell well.

  A. replies B. response C. answers D. words

  23. My suggestion yesterday was that a meeting ______ to discuss the matter.

  A. should hold B. must be held C. would be held D. be held

  24. Before the guests come, I must get the glasses ______.

  A. washed B. to be washed C. being washed D. to wash

  25. Who would you rather have ______ the computer, Mr. Lin or Mr. Chen?

  A. repaired B. repair C. repairing D. to repair

  26. It turned out that the man was an excellent policeman working in New York, _____ had contributed a lot to the case.

  A. that B. which C. who D. where

  27. _____ you don't know the rule won't be a sufficient excuse for your failure.

  A. It is B. That C. Because D. What

  28. She is very ____ to ring me tonight. I can sense that.

  A. liable B. possible C. likely D. likeable

  29. Small talk is a good way to kill time, make friends and ____ something with others.

  A. argue B. replace C. share D. match

  30. Some people like drinking coffee, for it has _____ effects.

  A. promoting B. stimulating C. enhancing D. encouraging

  31. _____ you're early you can't be sure of getting a seat.

  A. If B. Unless C. When D. Because

  32.John likes Chinese food, but he _____ eating with chopsticks.

  A. doesn't used to B. doesn't use to C. isn't used to D. used not to

  33. His wife had the front door painted green yesterday, _____ she?

  A. did B. didn't C. had D. hadn't

  34. After the war , a new school building was put up _____ there had once been a theatre.

  A. that B. where C. which D. when

  35. It shames me to say it, but I told a life when _____ at the meeting by may boss.

  A. questioning B. having questioned C. questioned D. to be questioned

  36…… A modern city has been set up in _____ was a wasteland ten years ago .

  A. what B. which C. that D. where

  37. Professor Smith, along with his assistants, ______ on the project day and night to meet the deadline.

  A. work B. working C. is working D. are working

  38. The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without ______ his notes.

  A. bringing up B. referring to C. looking for D. trying on

  39. It is certain that he will ______ his business to his son when he gets old.

  A. take over B. think over C. hand over D. go over

  40. The Internet has brought ______ big changes in the way we work.

  A. about B. out C. back D. up

  41. When climbing the hill, John was knocked unconscious by an ______ rolling stone.

  A. untouched B. unfamiliar C. unexpected D. unbelievable

  42. Her brother ______ to leave her in the dark room alone when she disobeyed his order.

  A. declared B. threatened C. warned D. exclaimed

  43. Alice trusts you. Only you can ______ her to give up the foolish idea.

  A. suggest B. attract C. tempt D. persuade

  44. A man is being questioned in relation to the ______ murder.

  A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admired

  45. Modern plastics can ______ very high and very low temperatures.

  A. stand B. hold C. carry D. support


Part Ⅲ  Identification (10%)

  Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked A, B, C and D. Identify the one that is not correct. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  46.He [invited]me [to go] to a party [and] I did not want to[join him] that evening.
      A           B                  C                           D

  47.The information [which] she[ was injured] in [the accident] [was given] by Liz.
                  A               B                 C               D

  48.[Look at] the beautiful [flowers] here ! [How] wonderful they [are smelling].
     A                        B                C                           D

  49.Dear Helen, please [forgive] him [for] his [rudeness], [can you] ?
             A            B            C           D

  50.[Did]anyone[inform] you [with] the change of the schedule that
    A             B             C

   [had been decided] yesterday ?

  51.[Despite] his old [age], he is still [very healthful] and often works in the field.
     A                 B                   C        D

  52.This [equipment] is [based upon] advanced [techniques] and it is
        A               B                        C

   [highly reliable].

  53.It is [about time] that we [go to supper], [for] we still have a meeting [to attend] this evening.
       A                        B           C                                   D

  54.[Every now and then] he [would come] here [paying a visit to] his old aunt,
       A                      B                       C

   who lived [all alone] in a small house.

  55.The passengers [saw] the thief [stole] [on the bus], but they [didn't say] anything.
           A                 B          C                       DPart Ⅳ  Cloze (10%)

  Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage, and for each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D at the end of the passage. You should choose ONE answer that best fit into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

  When I was 16 years old, I made my first visit to the United States it wasn't the first time I had been   56  . Like most English children I learned French at school and I had often   57   to France, I so I was used   58   a foreign language to people who did not understand   59  . But when I went to America I was really looking forward to   60   a nice easy holiday without any   61   problems.

  How wrong I was ! the misunderstanding began at the airport. I was looking for a   62   telephone to give my American friend Danny a   63   and tell her I had arrived. A friendly old man saw me   64   lost and asked   65   he could help me. "Yes," I said, "I want to give my friend a ring." "Well, that's   66   " he exclaimed. "Are you getting   67  ? But aren't you a bit   68  ?" "Who is talking about marriage?" I replied. "I   69  want to give a ring to tell he I've arrived. Can you tell me where there's a phone box?" "Oh!" he said, " There's a phone downstairs."

  When at last we   70   meet up, Danny   71   the misunderstandings to me. " Don't worry," she said to me . "I had so many   72   at first. There are lots of words words which the Americans   73   differently in meaning from   74  . You'll soon get used to   75   things they say. Most of the time British and American people understand each other!"

  56. A. out           B. aboard            C. away            D. abroad
  57. A. gone          B. been              C. got             D. come
  58. A. to speak      B. for speaking      C. to speaking     D. to speaking of
  59. A. English       B. French            C. Russian         D. Latin
  60. A. having        B. buying            C. giving          D. receiving
  61. A. time          B. human             C. money           D. language
  62. A. perfect       B. popular           C. public          D. pleasant
  63. A. ring          B. letter            C. word            D. message
  64. A. to look       B. looking like      C. looking         D. feeling like
  65. A. that          B. if                C. where           D. when
  66. A. well          B. strange           C. nice            D. funny
  67. A. to marry      B. marrying          C. to be married   D. married
  68. A. small         B. smart             C. little          D. young
  69. A. very          B. just              C. so              D. just now
  70. A. did           B. could             C. do              D. can
  71. A. described     B. explained         C. talked          D. expressed
  72. A. trouble       B. difficulties      C. fun             D. things
  73. A. write         B. speak             C. use             D. read
  74. A. us British    B. British us        C. us Britain      D. we British
  75. A. such          B. these             C. some            D. all thePart Ⅴ  Translation   (20%)

  Section A

  Directions: In this part, there are five sentences which you should translate into Chinese. These sentences are all taken from the 3 passages you have just read in the part of Reading Comprehension. You can refer back to the passages so as to identify their meanings in the context.

  76. I always encourage such people, but I also explain that there's a big difference between "being a writer" and writing.

  77. I would keep putting my dream to the test even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of fai8lure.

  78. In the modern technological world the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive.

  79. By the year 2050, experts believe that the problems to explore the food, minerals and energy resources of the sea will have been largely solved.

  80. There are slightly more smokers among women with higher family incomes and higher education than among the lower income and lower educational groups.

  Section B

  Directions: In this part, there are five sentences in Chinese. You should translate them into English. Be sure to write clearly.


  82. 这个问题不像我们最初想象的那么复杂。

  83. 如果你那时没有及时离开,我无法想象会发生什么情况。


  85.由于我没有读过这本书,所以我无法对此作出评论。Reading Comprehension (30%)

  ( 中文大意:许多年青人对我说自己想成为一名作家。我通常会鼓励这类人,但是,我也会向他们解释作家和写作之间的巨大差异。在大多数情况下,这些人梦想者财富和名望,根本不可能独自在打字机前苦思冥想。因此,我对他们说:"你想要写些什么,可并不想成为一个写作者".



  ( 中文大意:人类是陆地动物,但是人与海洋的关系也很紧密。纵观历史,海洋为人类提供所需。海洋为人类提供食物和交通便利,使人能够通过航海踏遍世界许多地方。如今,专家们相信,将近三分之二的世界人口居住在八十公里的海岸线以内。





  ( 中文大意:如今,吸烟是一个很普遍的习惯。在美国,43%的男性和31%的成年女性习惯性吸烟。值得欣慰的是,数以万计的烟民已经戒掉了烟瘾。





  1-5 ADBCC 6-10 DAABD 11-15 CDDBB

  Vocabulary and Structure (30%)  16-20 ADCCA 21-25 CBDAB 26-30 BBCCB
  31-35 BCBBC 36-40 ACBCA 41-45 CBDCA

  Identification (10%)  46-50 CADDC 51-55 DCBCB

  Cloze (10%)  56-60 DBCAA 61-65 DCABB 66-70 BDDBA 71-75 BBCAA

  Translation (20%)

  76. 我总是鼓励这些人,但我也会说明,写作和当作家是有很大不同的。
  77. 我仍然会把希望寄托在这次考验上,尽管这意味着我要面对不确定的未来和失利所带来的恐惧。
  78. 在当今科技时代,海洋为人类生存提供了很多资源。
  79. 到2050年,专家们相信从海洋中发掘食物,矿物和能量资源的问题将在很大的程度上得到解决。
  80. 与低收入,文化程度不高的女性群体,受教育程度高和收入高的女性群体中抽烟人数较多。
  81. In fact, the consequence of water pollution is far more than this.
  82. This issue is not as complicated as I imaged at first.
  83. If you hadn't left in time then, I couldn't image what would have happened.
  84. They found it impossible to finish the job before 6 pm.
  85. Since I haven't read the book, I couldn't comment on it.